A Taste of India Mosman has recently changed hands and its new owners are excited to give an old favourite a much-needed revamp.



Indian Cuisine is one element of a rich ancient history that is carved into astonishing architecture, stitched into elaborate fashion and chanted amongst deep rooted spiritual beliefs.

Our Chef/Owner Santosh is passionate about his home country and excited to deliver his patrons the flavours he considers best represent India. While there will always be room for traditional dishes that everyone loves and recognises, Chef Santosh is also known to create modern dishes that are inspired by the assault of senses everybody receives while visiting India.

India may be known as a place of chaos but within the rush, one must find themselves an inner peace. Indians are world renown for their hospitality and that’s where Co-Owner, Jimmy steps in. Jimmy pursues a warm and inviting feel within the restaurant every night, making sure to treat every patron as if they were visiting his home in India.



Jimmy and Chef Santosh endeavour to take you on a journey throughout India by sampling the best from all parts of their richly diverse country, where cuisine reflects the amalgamation of different cultures.

From the street food of over populated cities, where the love of food breaks down all socio-economic boundaries to the palaces of kings and Nawabs where the cuisines are refined to delicacies and even to the remote villages where the recipes have adapted according to the local ingredients and their availability.

Delivering our patrons an experience that is essentially a small but real ‘Taste of India.’




Chef Santosh has worked as a chef in world-renowned hotels in both India and Australia. This has kept his standards high and equipped him with the skills and passion to deliver ‘Real’ Indian Cuisine to diners.

Jimmy has a long history in Hotel Management in one of Sydney’s Luxury Hotels.

Jimmy and Santosh are looking forward to using their experience and honed skills to deliver the very best to their customers.

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